About Us

"Infotainment" at its finest 

KSP is "infotainment" at its finest.  We are an entertainment podcast designed to educate, inform, and most importantly entertain.  This show will take listeners on a wild ride as we discuss the week in politics, news, Hollywood headlines, entertainment, and everything in between.  


Our Story

KSP is a podcast that puts an entertaining comedic spin on social media. It is a Charlotte based podcast. When you’re scrolling your timeline you see everything from entertaining meme’s to news headlines, and discussion topics. We take the talk of every week mix it in with some politics, entertainment news, and sports and deliver what we call “infotainment”. The unique way in which we discuss the topics with a no holds barred approach and a comedic imagination helps us stand out from the competition.

This podcast started has an outline written for a friend of the show in LA who wanted to get back in to the creative space with content creation. Shortly after emailing him over the concept he loved it! Only set back was he wouldn’t be able to execute on it it because his life was taking an unforeseen turn at the time, but he encouraged us to do the show ourselves.  On May 5th 2018 Johnny Guthrie and Landon Glenn recorded the first episode of KSP and haven't missed a Monday since.

Meet The Team